Day: March 17, 2021

Dirty Clean Sexy Mean – reviewed by The Stars

It takes more than just words to describe the combination of symphony and simultaneously sounded musical elements interwoven by Echo Strike to produce a ‘striking’ Dirty Clean Sexy Mean body of work. Yes, that word play was intentional, just like the intricate yet surprisingly fluid blend of musical genres that ...

Dirty Clean Sexy Mean – reviewed by Alex Faulkner

Echo Strike are an alternative rock/dance group with international members. They were formed by frontman Randy Van Gelder, guitarist Beau Newlin and producer Jonathan Broussard. This line up has expanded since their initial formation but it was this core trio that wrote and produced their debut album Honest Lies, which ...

Dirty Clean Sexy Mean – reviewed by sleepingbagstudios

Interesting band!  You can hear right off the drop as “Bad Intentions” begins that Echo Strike is largely gonna go their own way with a highly versatile & vibrant sound, which they’ll certainly go on to reveal throughout this lineup of fifteen tracks on their new album Dirty Clean Sexy Mean.  ...

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