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April 12, 2022 - Reviews

A downright decadent trip, Echo Strike makes “Can’t Do Anything Right” drip with such lush, inviting grooves. They incorporate new genres within their template resulting in a virtual potpourri of stylistic choices. Whilst their fondness for funk is clearly there, along with their psychedelic leanings, they bring elements of industrial, folk, indie rock, reggae and a whole slew of other genres. Vocals tie the thing together and they are sung with the utmost of confidence. Best listened to loud their attention to production means the sounds have a silky quality to them. Layer upon layer interacts as the hooks sink their way into the mind.
The veering to and fro between their many impulses results in deep exploration of this very moment in time, done musically. On the chilled-out side of things Echo Strike recalls the jazz inflection of Mac DeMarco’s nimble guitar playing. For the folksy elements they bring in the orchestral chamber mix with Fleet Foxes being an undeniable influence. Going further down the line the dance-oriented pieces draw from groups like Holy Ghost for there is an attention seeking element that helps the sound along. A testament to their skill is how they weave these many different qualities together while retaining that undeniable inviting pop sensibility.
Spacious with a leisurely pace the title track, “Can’t Do Anything Right” starts the journey out on a high note with the stark lyricism gaining a mysticism. Churning rhythms allow “Good as Gone” a hint of playfulness to it. “Never Too Late” keeps it to the essentials, with the minimalism of the open leading way to some gorgeous neon-hued chords. “In My Head” is delivered with such heart, with glistening chords further fleshing out the sound. On “Lied Twice” the song has an atmospheric quality. Bass features a driving presence on the colossal “Maze of Doubt”. Quite pretty “Hello” bursts at the absolute seams.
“Have Fun” brings a Parliament spirit for there is a strong interplay, a sense of community that propels it forward. With a classic quality “Open the Door” has a wry sense of humor to it. The theatrical drama of “Dagger” cuts to the bone. A wonderful buildup glues together the intelligent “Come Away with Me”. Casual jazz-like cool makes “Hollow” peaceful, a little playful even. Reflection reigns supreme on the introspective “Rest My Case”. Soothing “Reset My Soul” closes things off with grace.
“Can’t Do Anything Right” features the grandeur of Echo Strike’s impeccable chops for these tracks radiate with soul.

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