Can’t Do Anything Right | Echo Strike – reviewed by The Buzz

April 12, 2022 - Reviews

This Can’t Do Anything Right album is fantasic, I promise!!!!

This Can’t Do Anything Right album by Echo Strike is fantastic. 14 songs of greatness that I feel like any & everyone can enjoy. The title track “Can’t do anything right” is the album opener & it instantly sets the mood. The song feels like an apology, while asking questions & having thoughts of self not being able to do anything right. “Good as gone” is another one of my favorites on the album that I truly can relate to. The vocals on “In my head” are superb & is full of emotion. Sometimes you can hear a song and you can really feel the lyrics & this is one of those songs. “Nice to see you, do you remember what it’s like to look into my eyes”…this song “Hello” might just be my favorite on the entire album because of the words. The songwriting on the song is impeccable. “I think about you every day & in my life feels lonely, why don’t you come back to me & give it another try”…when an artist is singing these type of lyrics, you can tell these lyrics had to come from a deep place & every word is meant. To be honest, I dropped a few tears listening to this one as I was thinking about a previous relationship. “Dagger” is one of those smooth songs that I like…the vibe of this song is amazing. “I think it’s time to say goodbye, but baby I gave it a try”, with lyrics like this you can kind of tell the direction of the song “Dagger”. The sequencing of the songs on this project is perfect as well. “Rest my case” is one of the top songs on this project as well. The project closes with song “Reset my soul” and it is the correct way to end it. Sometimes in life we all need to reset our soul…take care of soul…and protect our soul always. All & all this project is great. The more that I played it, the better it sounded. Great songwriting & a lot of these songs will touch your soul.

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