Dirty Clean Sexy Mean

The third album from Echo Strike is the moment in which most listeners will understand what The band is all about. Dirty Clean Sexy Mean is both a roller coaster of emotions combined with a brilliance of genre fusion that puts Echo Strike in a genre of their own.

At the completion of Not Inside Your Mind, the band did not rest on its incredible success. Instead, frontman Randy Van Gelder closed his door to the world and chose to write an epic poem about the ebb and flows of relationships in all their glory. The beauty and sexy nature of the beginnings. The love and difficulties of the good times during their peek. This gave the listeners a most happy and dance friendly beginning. But somewhere along the way, things go south. Leaving, a wonderfully smooth and soul searching song in the middle of the album triggers a change.

Up For It represents this change in the way most break ups go, meaningless relationships to follow. This leads the album down the darker path all the way to Alone. But what is encouraging is the way Echo Strike ends the album with self reflection and leaving an opening for a potentially positive outcome. The story telling is real. And the album shows the variety of experiments and explorations Echo Strike takes while producing an intoxicating mix of genres. But it leaves everyone with one big question in the end… what’s next?

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