Not Inside Your Mind Deluxe

Occasionally, music comes along that can be both fun and powerful at the same time. Echo Strike has found a way to find a bit of both through perfect symmetry in their second album release. Not Inside Your Mind is an album that will capture your attention and not let you go.

Lead singer Randy Van Gelder wrote and composed most of this album while being stranded in Argentina during their national lock down due to the pandemic and Echo Strike’s world tour was cancelled before it could begin. But somewhere between method and madness, Randy found a creative spark and began an incredible journey working day and night alone and virtually with many members of the band to create the heartbeat for what would eventually become Not Inside Your Mind.

Give It a Try is the second song on the album and the one that gave the album its name. The song is about the dangers of getting lost in your own head. You need to live outside your mind during these difficult times and not allow yourself to be driven into darkness. That can be a hard place to climb out of if you allow it to take your over. Give It a Try is also one of the most interesting song on the album vocally as Randy sings two leads throughout as if there are two of him speaking with different voices. Although Randy does record all the vocals on the album, this song stands out among the rest as something twisty, fascinating, and ultimately unique while exploring true musical imagination. Why don’t you give it a try?

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