Echo Strike – ‘Not Inside Your Mind’ review by Rebecca Cullen

January 6, 2021 - Reviews

Echo Strike’s electro-pop meets pop-rock creative freedom joins forces with heartfelt songwriting and warming melodies throughout this colorful, considerate new full-length album.

Beginning with an electro-soaked Catch Me, the project quickly introduces a thoughtful, self-reflective manner of songwriting, with a gentle, accessible vocal and contemporary production effects, to guide us through these meandering thoughts and poetic observations.

It’s refreshing to hear the funk-guitar rhythm in the backdrop to the opening song, and actually – this blending of electronic and organic elements stands tall throughout this album. With Give It A Try, we’re welcomed by a hypnotic piano-part,

and doubled vocals that offer an eighties-esque, nostalgic core for what proves another intimate and personal hit of writing.

Follow this with a guitar riff-led Like Candy, and eclecticism is already crystal clear. At the same time, we recognize the vocal tone, the style of the lines, the self-expressive writing, and so there are multiple threads to cling to throughout the playlist.

The aptly-titled album intrigues and holds attention for its seemingly mind-focused yet observational story-telling. And all the while, we get more than a few softly memorable hook melodies left lingering when it all comes to an end.

Other highlights include the dreamy guitar-pop piece that is Just Fly – a nearly whispered, inspiring and beautiful, simple yet satisfying song, with a brilliant rise up through its all-inclusive, welcome sections.

Optimism is key throughout much of the project, and indeed within most of our lives lately, so these songs prove an easy must. Let It Shine draws thought towards this all the more so, with gorgeously entrancing harmonies to reinforce the concept.

You is a stylish, stand-out pop-rock hit with an addictively simple and catchy progression. It’s Alright has a similar confidence and weight to it, as does a soulful and retro-toned, somewhat uncertain and contemplative, provocative Revisionist. “History is made by those who win, in the end…”

The Search is another slightly melancholic, uncertain highlight towards the end, with a sense of urgency musically – another prompt to consider Echo Strike as a live act. Then Perception talks of dreams, the other side, the unknown – it’s not all brightness and hope, there’s a backbone of realism to much of this album, and that helps the songs connect in a more genuine way.

Go finishes things up with a light dance-pop anthem and multiple layers of hypnotic melody and movement. Not Inside Your Mind works its magic in full with an interesting fusion of natural musicianship, retro production, and contemporary, deeply human songwriting. It’s a refreshing alternative listen, and really well put together.

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