Echo Strike’s Not Inside Your Mind Review By Beach Sloth

December 18, 2020 - Reviews

Echo Strike finds beauty in the imperfections on the infectious energy of “Not Inside Your Mind”. The stylistic diversity is a thing of pure wonder as they incorporate disco, dance rock, pop, R&B, and electro into a singular stream of consciousness. Color and texture appear to be of the utmost importance for the diverse array of instruments filter into the mix. From the subtle shifts of the bass line to the gorgeous guitar work, the whole of the album falls into place perfectly. Vocals alongside this further add to the festive atmospherics, with lyrics that positively pops. They craft an expansive, all-encompassing sound that feels alive.

They reference a wide variety of different groups within their rather expansive view. Within the dance rock category, they draw heavily from the neon-hued sugar rush of “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer” era of Of Montreal. Akin to that album, this one offers some incredible storytelling alongside a playful disposition. On their more jam-centric works they incorporate elements of Death From Above Records’ roster with groups like the Juan Maclean and Holy Ghost! By allowing these to influence their sound they manage to create dense yet energetic works, the sort of things that work on a physical as well as intellectual level.

“Catch Me” opens up the album and sets the tone with spellbinding delivery and nimble guitar work. The electronic influences come to the forefront on the party atmosphere of “Give It a Try” with the wonderful keyboards being a particular joy. Drums merge perfectly with the acidic tinge of the synthesizers, making it one of the album highlights. Yearning and lust emerges on the delightfully sleazy “Like Candy”. On “Just Fly” they tap into a more reflective presence. Summery, bright and airy “Let It Shine” has a gorgeous buildup. Driving rhythms ground the determination of “You”.

Psychedelic flourishes give “It’s Alright” a classic rock spirit, making it rather stately at times. Swinging through with intense urgency “Revisionist” features dramatic flourishes that give it a theatrical flavor. Quite ornate “Dig In” effortlessly blends the electro and angular post punk guitar riffs into a satisfying blend, making it another highlight. Nods to Daft Punk’s robotic dance-rock fusions emerge throughout “All the Way Home”. Speeding tempos up considerably is the tension-filled “The Search”. Rollicking rhythms and soaring guitar lines give “Perception” a wild, carefree attitude. Going for a pure funk flavor is the taut tempo of the finale, the aptly named “Go”.

“Not Inside Your Mind” features infectious hooks, clever riffs, and bouncing beats in a fantastic funhouse of sound, proving Echo Strike to be true masters of thought-provoking pop.

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