Month: November 2020

Echo Strike – ‘Not Inside Your Mind’ review by Planet singer

Every artist is different, and when it comes to solo singers and musicians, it is always intriguing to discover what’s behind their art. At the same time, from this point of view, I always found bands even more interesting; every band member has its own story, past, and approach to ...

Echo Strike – ‘Not Inside Your Mind’ review

Echo Strike is the product of frontman Randy Van Gelder in collaboration with guitarist Beau Newlin and producer Jonathan Broussard. Together, they produced a solid debut album, Honest Lies, a record that had been slowly developed over many years by Gelder. A year later, the band has more than doubled ...

Not Inside Your Mind – Echo Strike (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you heard someone throwing around the term pop-rock you could be forgiven initially imagining some sort of middle of the road, fashion-driven dross that neither delivers the immediacy of the former nor the integrity of the later. But what if there was a way of taking the instant hook, ...

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