Dirty Clean Sexy Mean – reviewed by Beach Sloth

March 9, 2021 - Reviews

Echo Strike delivers a decadent, funky piece of psychedelic pop with the lush “Dirty Clean Sexy Mean”. The sheer physicality of the sound has a soothing inviting presence to it. Sequencing the album just right they create an entire narrative in a way that feels so splendid. Akin to a life fully lived, they imbue so much meaning within the flirtatious, playful lyrics that seem to cascade in a wonderful series of patterns that feels so gorgeous. A tremendous amount of color bursts forth, as they neatly bring together elements of dance rock, ambient, the aforementioned funk and psychedelic rock influences, alongside a bit of indie rock into the equation. By far the highlight comes from their lyricism which has a bit of mystery behind it.

They go for a sleek symphonic sort of weirdness. References to Tame Impala’s dreamy-eyed arrangements come into the fray, for they truly blow out the sound until it becomes something completely all-consuming. Beyond this, their disco/dance flavor at times draws a bit from the sun-drenched stylings of Cut Copy, as there is a bit of a Balearic quality to much of the album. Everything about it is uniquely their own way, for they hit a perfect sweet spot between the tender and the joyous. Done perfectly, they balance every single influence with the greatest of ease.

A dark beauty introduces the album on the bouncy, sleazy grooves of “Bad Intentions”. The beat hits with a physicality of “Sweet Child of Mine” for the rhythm has an infectious quality to it. Fun little flourishes and vocal distortions make “Making the Jive” a pure radiant wildness, as the song slinks on through with such grace. “Work to Do” slows things down considerably as there is an elegant gait to the sound. With “Her Smile” they hit a bit of a tender spot, as there is a kindness there in every word.

Electro flourishes filter into the fray on the dazzling “Up For It”. References to chiptune and video game soundtracks filter into the fray allowing it a bit of a giddy energy. A heavy physical churn defines the powerful swing of “The Stranger”. A thick wild animalistic impulse takes shape as the song has a Out Hud affect to the whole thing. Small flourishes flutter about on the delicate fragile arrangements of “Alone”. Beautiful melodies burst onto the scene with the passionate “Listen Hard”. Putting it all together in a way that feels so satisfying is the gracious finale of “Wait and See”.

“Dirty Clean Sexy Mean” has a physicality to it, one that shows off the impressive interplay and unique voice of Echo Strike.

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