Dirty Clean Sexy Mean – reviewed by The Stars

March 15, 2021 - Reviews

It takes more than just words to describe the combination of symphony and simultaneously sounded musical elements interwoven by Echo Strike to produce a ‘striking’ Dirty Clean Sexy Mean body of work. Yes, that word play was intentional, just like the intricate yet surprisingly fluid blend of musical genres that this band creates. You can’t miss it, even on your first listen. It “gets through to you” as a funky pop like Bad intentions{personal favorite) leads you in,an electric-dance like 1978 gets you rocking back and forth and Sweet Child of Mine has you phasing between layers of vocals as the band subtly introduces you to an electronic tone. All this, while leaving a feel of the nineties and eighties hanging in the air.

Echo Strike sure knows how to pull some strings-literally. It’s the drums, the retro guitars, conditioned electronic effects and dreamy melodies that keep you sandwiched between fusions of music. The synchronized humming in the background of Everything Hums and fully complimenting instrumentation throughout the album makes you realize how carefully curated this mixture is. These pop rock-stars have an appealing way of telling a story, it is a gripping opus that ages well indeed.

As a listener, you’re stranded at crossroads  debating whether to follow the ever-exciting themes of every song or just rock  on the rhythm and  let the good times roll. It gets more difficult to place the artists or their music in   a category as you progress through the album. You walk through the introspective streets of Work to  do and Her Smile. Then pray through a dark alley of melancholy when you listen to Demons, Alone, Listen Hard and Wait and See. It becomes apparent when you reach the end( or listen again and again like we did), it has been echoed in every heartfelt song in Dirty Clean Sexy Mean. The vibrations of a radical band that is not looking to be placed in a category or genre. These artists are not creating pop, dance, rock, R&B, electronic or anything out there. This is pure art, this is Echo Strike music.

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